Winter is coming, prepare your vehicle now

Winter in Indiana can be rough on the roads as well as on our vehicles. Now is a great time to prepare your vehicles for winter weather and prevent any unwanted maintenance or repairs further down the road.

Most vehicle owner’s manuals have recommendations on how to prepare the vehicle for cold, snow and ice.

Replacing dirty filters, like the air and fuel filters, can help a poorly running engine become more reliable.

Fuel de-icer in the tank can keep the fuel line from freezing and changing the oil and oil filter will help prevent engine damage in harsh conditions.

Check all your lights, from headlights to brake lights. Make sure the lights are working properly and that they are clean from debris.

Have the battery checked as weak batteries may not work in freezing temperatures, and be sure to check windshield wiper blades for ice-related damage, and have your brakes and tires checked for wear and dependability.

Finally always carry a survival kit in the vehicle. Warm blankets, a flashlight, extra batteries and a cell-phone charger all help in winter emergencies.

At Kennedy Mazda in Valparaiso, IN our service department can help you get your vehicle in top shape before winter hits. Contact us today for an appointment.

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