Time to Get Ready for That Upcoming Holiday Road Trip

Besides packing presents, food, and all your necessities for that holiday road trip, you have to set aside some time to pack some road trip safety essentials too. This list should help you to make short work of adding a few things to the trunk that you may or may not need.

  • Keep a good set of jumper cables in the trunk to get your battery jumped in the event that it fails on the road trip.
  • Place a roll of duct tape in the car for minor car emergencies.
  • Get your fluids topped off to ensure your vehicle doesn't overheat.
  • Keep a gas can in the car just in case you run out of fuel.
  • Bring a tire gauge and periodically check the tires at each gas station when you get fuel in the car.

Keep in mind you can come to Kennedy Mazda today for a holiday travels vehicle check-up with our team of qualified technicians.

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