Your Road Trip Checklist is Ready for Holiday Adventures

Road trips continue to serve as a popular route to holiday adventure for many people in the United States. Traveling with family for an extended excursion can also help you bond and mend deeper relationships. That’s why we encourage you to plan ahead to avoid any preventable car issues that may threaten to ruin your mood.

You should get your car to a dealer, like Kennedy Mazda here in Valparaiso, to get serviced before the trip. Important Mazda repairs include an engine oil change, counter-checking of other fluids, brakes, lighting and tire conditions. It helps ensure the car is in the prime shape for the long haul ahead.

Having a planned route marked on both your mobile device and a paper map is essential. It helps you to anticipate and take precautions before embarking on the trip. You can get help from Google Maps that provide you with updated information, including the current traffic condition of the areas you’ll be navigating through. You can also find an app that keeps you informed with alerts on weather, traffic or accidents.

If you have passengers or family tagging along, it is essential to organize or plan for activities to kill the boredom. This could include sing-along tunes or other games. It is also wise to have an emergency kit ready for any issues that may arise. For those having a long trip, book hotels in advance where you could rest up for the night. Avoid the surprises!

Are you ready for holiday weather and traffic? Visit Kennedy Mazda this season to treat yourself to a new ride!

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